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Even as he tries to cheer her up, Lolita says that she was only an innocent girl and that she should tell the police that Humbert raped her. Lolita complains of pains and accuses Humbert of tearing something inside her.Lolita becomes angry and upset and demands to call her mother.

Soon, Lolita’s curiosity led her to have sex with Charlie as well, and she and Barbara began taking turns with the boy.

He notes that according to an old magazine in the prison library, a girl from the more temperate climates of America becomes mature in her twelfth year.

He further reminds the reader, whom he calls his jury, that he wasn’t even Lolita’s first lover. Astonished by Humbert’s naïveté, she tells him that many of her friends have already experimented sexually with one another.

What did throw us for a loop, though, was how empowering they found it, as more than an activity but an identity and a community.

A style subculture created by women, to dress women, and to be admired by women, it's one of very few that remove men from the equation entirely.

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