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MORE Arthur Rathburn is accused of dismembering donated bodies with a chainsaw and renting HIV-infected parts to medical professionals. But for years, authorities let him do business despite signs of his bizarre practices, writes John Shiffman MORE Mere minutes into this bright, shiny New Year; I had already been presented with, via social media, several recipes for green smoothies, 30 minute ‘at home workout’ routines and a myriad of posts on maximising my time management and life in general.

And I was already bored of it, writes Lindsay Woods. But what if I told you that most of the resolutions you will make this year are designed to fail so that you can achieve the self-fulfilling prophecy that you are just too weak to be able to accomplish it in the first place?

New items, like “less time online”, might be gaining in popularity, but exercising more, losing weight, and quitting smoking are hardy perennials.

They keep appearing because they can be tough to achieve.

A while later, the Dodge Challenger arrived at an abandoned building with Callen later being left stunned at the fact that the Office of Special Projects worked inside a building that had been condemned following the Northridge Earthquake in 1994.

MORE Brendan Greene was born in Ireland, a country of roughly 4.5 million people.

Earlier this week, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the video game that Greene created, recorded more than 3 million people playing at once on Steam.

The trauma associated with these events resulted in Callen suppressing the memories from his subconscious for many years. In 1975, at the age of five, Callen was removed from the orphanage where he had originally been placed and was transferred to the foster care system run by the State of California.

His older sister Amy remained in the orphanage where she had been placed.

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