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Brown released it as 'The Payback', an epic much-sampled eight-track double album that many regard as the funkiest thing ever recorded. The Beatles, 1965The Beatles spread their wings, from Lennon's Dylan-influenced You've Got To Hide Your Love Away to Mc Cartney's orchestral manoeuvres for Yesterday. Tommy The Who, 1975Surely the weirdest and most wonderful of all rock-opera movies, Tommy has the lot: Aretha Franklin, Keith Moon, Elton John… The Big Chill Various, 1983Lawrence Kasdan's loved and loathed friends-reunited film did for Motown what American Graffiti had done for rock'n'roll a decade before.

West Side Story Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, 1961Jazz-propelled percussion, Shakespearean grandeur and great lyrics make for an edgy brilliance in Sondheim and Bernstein's breakthrough street opera.

Goldfinger John Barry, 1964So perfectly judged are all John Barry's Bond scores that they could fill half this list. Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto, 1983Featuring an unlikely David Bowie as a Japanese POW, Nagisa Oshima's film is now best remembered for its melancholically beautiful soundtrack.

But this, performed by Shirley Bassey, is surely The One. Jean de Florette Jean-Claude Petit and Guiseppe Verdi, 1987The easy, wheezy, maudlin lyricism of its soundtrack appears to contain a sort of Gallic shrug, a low-level grumpiness, in those self-pitying head-turned-down phrases.

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Bob Dylan, 1973Dylan's lazily strummed soundtrack, where banjos bounce and Knockin' on Heaven's Door makes weariness sound wonderful, spoke volumes.

Pulp Fiction Various, 1994Classics from Kool and the Gang, Dusty Springfield and Al Green are accompanied by lesser-known, but no-less-great, soul-'n'-surf grooves and snippets of Tarantino dialogue on this definitive document of 1990s retro-cool.

His riffs on the Bacharach-David scene are definitively swinging and Sixties, but somehow timeless, too.

Where Eagles Dare Ron Goodwin, 1968'Broadsword calling Danny Boy.' The cable car scene.

The Godfather II Nino Rota/Carmine Coppola, 1974Just as Francis Ford Coppola's sequel is even more nuanced and resonant than The Godfather, so its score - in which Nino Rota's haunting theme is supplemented by new pieces by Coppola's father, Carmine - is even better. Its big, brilliant soundtrack of jukebox classics did all the work for it.The Payback James Brown, 1974Brown recorded his first great soundtrack for the gangster street saga Black Caesar.A sequel followed, but the director Larry Cohen rejected Brown's music - because it didn't sound like him.The fabulous Clint Eastwood/Richard Burton double act. A combination so perfect you can't see this film too many times.The Lord of the Rings trilogy Howard Shore, 2001-2003Listen to just a few bars of Howard Shore's epic Wagnerian score and you're back there: revolting orcs, improbably gorgeous New Zealand landscapes, hairy-footed Hobbits, 'My Precious', the luminous Arwen? The Draughtsman's Contract Michael Nyman, 1982A soundtrack has made it only when it becomes the backdrop to daytime television. …' Without that insidious Williams score, he's just a silly, rubber animatronic fish.

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