Liquidating cost

Costs of liquidating a company If you can't afford a liquidation of your company because of the lack of money available to pay liquidators costs and fees then consider this cheaper and affordable low cost alternative to liquidation, which can provide a cheap price low fixed cost instead of an unknown level of liquidators fees.

We call it the "I can't afford a liquidation" or "Cheap Liquidation" process and that service can be delivered to your company's creditors by Purnells Licenced Insolvency Practitioners.

We also examine the situation as to any personal guarantees given by you to company creditors - We also give advice on that key matter.

- At the meeting we address your concerns and questions.

The pack includes: -We then write to all the creditors and explain the financial position to them.

- Thirdly you could hand over the entire process to us for a low fixed fee.In other words Purnells take the heat and you are relieved of stress and worry.You can get on with your life and concentrate on the positive aspects of any new business that you might have started or intend to start.- In the interim period you have not had to face a creditors meeting and we have taken any postal and telephone pressure off you in the limbo period leading up to strike off.- You have addressed your statutory duty (through us) of informing your creditors of the financial position and as you have also reported the matter to the Registrar of Companies you can then not later be personally fined by the Registrar for any later failure to deliver accounts and annual returns.

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