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Who are LLC and Free Zone Company Liquidators and What is LLC (limited liability company) and Free Zone Company Liquidation process (winding up operations, trade license cancellation, voluntary liquidation, finishing up business) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and UAE. How to terminate license in (termination of license) Dubai and other emirates of UAE? Key terms used to describe the above are Trade License Cancellation in Dubai, License Cancellation (Sole Establishment), Winding up foreign companies in the UAE, Cancellation of Commercial License, License Cancellation in Dubai.Dawn Consultancy is approved Auditor and Legal Liquidator from all free zones and economic departments in UAE .The terms of the trust and governing principles are established in the trust agreement executed between the company and the trustee prior to dissolution of the company and include trustee duties, compensation and indemnification as well as beneficiary rights, governance, mechanics for notices and distributions and other administrative matters.A liquidating trust may be appropriate for a biotech or drug development company if: • Continuing research and development activities is not financeable or otherwise not in the stockholders’ best interests; • The company is solvent on both balance sheet and liquidity bases: with sufficient liquidity to settle contracts, real estate leases and severance; and • The Board and management begin the wind down process early enough to assure an orderly process and maximize the opportunity to realize value for stockholders.Dawn Consultancy working methodology / work approach will cause minimal disruption in your routine work.We will arrange for all the departmental clearance certificates, handle banking issues, labour and immigration clearance and any other requirements.

We will develop a plan and timeline to efficiently and effectively manage, or help you manage the liquidation of your company and, when necessary, transition your current company activities into a liquidating trust.Stockholders in the company become unit holders a/k/a beneficiaries of the trust.The trust units are not tradable but shares of stock in a company that has dissolved are typically are no longer tradable either.Process for Cancellation/Liquidation/Winding up of LLC license in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaima (RAK) or Ajman underneath Main Land native Law and Appointment of Liquidator for liquidation of company LLC Companay Liquidation in General • Pass and notarize Board Resolution to liquidate/cancel/ wind up operation of LLC company and appoint liquidators • A letter from the appointed liquidator who accepts his appointment as company liquidator to liquidate the company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi • Get Registration & Licensing Application type (Form No.BR/1) from Economic department of the Emirate (Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah) • Bring Company’s Original License and different legal documents.

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