Leo man dating a virgo woman on line dating first phone call

A physical relation and compatibility between a Leo male and Virgo female is one of the most comforting one and offers a sense of emotional security.The fire of a Leo man brings passion to their love making, whereas the earthiness of a Virgo woman brings stable sensuality.A Leo man is an extreme extrovert and a Virgo woman can be considered as an introvert.This pairing can be turned out to be extremely good, in spite of both of them being opposites.A Leo will be polite and think not to disrespect you, he won't be blunt about it.

A Virgo woman is witty and is quick to think on her feet.

The problem in this relationship is a Virgo woman has a nature of criticizing others for not being a perfectionist and a Leo man are a way too demanding in their relationships.

There is not very good compatibility between them and if they have to succeed, then they will be required to bring changes in their personality from both ends.

If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. We have been talking for a year now and haven't been serious until recently (4 months) I cant seem to figure him out. My girlfriend is Leo; I love her very much because of her strong character and qualities that she has. Here's the thing , I spent the night with him & he never attempted to touch me, kiss me or anything intimate at all...

How do I get him to stop being so stubborn and be more open with his desires and wants? Our connection is one of a kind, although, everyone is different! Leo never sick or tired of what questions that I asked for help; she always support and offer advice. In Astrology zodiac sign, she born to be a lead; this sign is very loyal and determine. When I asked him about that, he says he really wants to get to know first...

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