Leaked guide for dating 500 just 10 copies

Changjiang Business News reporter Yao Haiying reported on a case about the leaking of business secrets and finds himself the target of an investigation for graft.

In frustration, he publicized his case on the Internet and got justice (more or less).

A series of nine photographs showed a run-down elementary school in rural Guangdong contrasted with the modernistic and spacious local government offices and led netizens to wonder how it could happen in the Chinese province with highest GDP.

In order to force businesses to pay garbage removal fees, the garbage collectors resort to dumping garbage in front of the businesses.

A white-collar driver in Shanghai picked up an ailing man who asked for a ride and was fined 10,000 yuan for operating an illegal taxi service.

Chinese netizens reacted strongly against such entrapment tactics which sow social distrust.

Yet another sensationalistic Internet story: A Nanchong big boss man ran into a motorcyclist and killed him.

The police rescued the big boss man and attacked the school teachers who were trying to hold him responsible ...

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