Laws for 18 year olds on dating

The age of consent refers to the age in which a person is capable of consenting to sexual intercourse with another.If the victim is under the age of consent, then it will be legally impossible for the victim to consent to sexual intercourse whatsoever.Usually, when a person graduates high school, he or she stops dating anyone who is still in high school.They might wait a few years until the younger one is over 18 and then resume the relationship if both are still interested.Dating anyone who is not also legally an adult is extremely risky.

However, a person 17 or older can consent to have sex with a person of any age.

It is also illegal for the 18 year old to purchase or share cigarettes or alcohol with the 16 year old.

It is also illegal for the 18 year old to bring the 16 year old to an R-rated or NC-17 movie.

The age of consent only applies directly to heterosexual conduct.

However, age of consent laws generally apply to homosexual conduct as well.

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