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I understand not everyone is going to like my art style or story, and I'm cool with it.

I just think some people approach me about it the wrong way.

You don't know how a person actually feels about their art or what they are going through personally. If we are doing something out of hate then it's a hatred for bad comics and not you personally.

If everyone starts spreading kindness instead of hatred, the world would be a better place. What your are going through personally is none of my concern. And spreading kindness is not the same as having no standards. Unlike your fans, who cheer for your awful art regardless of its quality to protect your feelings, we were helping you get better by finally telling you the truth. Your fans that are now flooding your DA to tell you how wrong we are, they are the ones who are cruel.

Now, what I wanted to ask was this: You say you're aware that some of the things the review points out as problems in the comic are true. Well, of course I don't agree with you that the premise of the comic is flawed.

The allegory I'm using has been around a long time, and although it's a bit overused and even old-fashioned, it can still make for a good story.

Give a critique out of guidance and love, not out of hate or spite.

There are flaws in Do U, to be sure, and you touched on many of them. What you're really seeing in Do U is a learning process.

Most of the biggest mistakes are in the first chapter. I've never made graphic novels or "real" comics before.

I was literally sexually harassed at work that day and ended up having to leave work early so I really feel super uncomfortable that that's posted for everyone to read, it sort of feels like people are already laughing at me (which is fine! I've just showed Pietro the review and he doesn't mind that Dare Sensei is here. Originally, the review to this comic didn't have time to cool down before the author was already writing journals on her Deviant Art about how we hurt her feelings.

In fact he said that Neallyriceguy can review all of his comics and he wouldn't mind. When we found out about this we copied her journal into the crazy reaction part of the site and added our usual response which you can read here: Click to read Granted, even if some of what they said did provide for good critique, it could have been worded differently.

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