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And although I no longer have the luxury of being naive, I can’t help but think the timing is just perfect.” Kimberly was referencing her move to Ojai, California which happened in July, judging from posts on her Twitter feed showing her and her beloved dog Jack there.Kimberly never posts photos of her boyfriend and now baby daddy and only refers to him as “her man”.

Mc Dreamy), saved many lives, and mended a contentious relationship with his father, Dr.

The actress broke the news of her pregnancy back in December of 2016 in an emotional blog post that chronicled what was a year of healing and regrouping after her confession in January that she had suffered a miscarriage and lost her daughter in September of 2015.

At the end of her post, Mc Cullough revealed that she, her dog Jack, and the man whose identity she’s keeping anonymous, had moved out of Los Angeles and into Ojai valley.

She didn’t mention the pregnancy and tweeted that she’s “not offended by convos about my weight”.

Based on timing, it appears that online trolls commenting on her fuller figure were body shaming a pregnant woman.

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