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He gave Fiona quite a few lines — about being tied up for a chunk of the time he was away, about having a job overseas he wanted her to come with him to — how much of what he said to her was real?I think that's up to the audience to interpret.I'm really looking forward to seeing how the fans react to it and if that's what they want or if it does feel final.I remember in the read-through for that last episode, [exec producer] Nancy Pimental's episode, it says, "Jimmy drives off. That we ever see of him for ever and ever." And the entire cast and execs all started bursting out laughing because they'd written that at the end of my exit every time now, and it never seems to work.

" When he [explained the end of season four] to me, I got chills that just ran down my spine. He was seemingly killed by a drug lord after getting mixed up with his daughter in a green card marriage. It does feel like Fiona knows that he isn’t the be all and end all for her," "And that doesn’t mean that Gus (Steve Kazee) is or that Sean (Dermot Mulroney) is, but that she’s defined it in her life where she doesn’t want to be that person anymore.But the smooth-talking character lived to see another day and return to Fiona's (Emmy Rossum) life — only to leave again after a three-episode arc. She’s closing that door to that chapter and opening the door to the first chapter of her becoming who she’s going to be." Read more ' Shameless' Postmortem: Emmy on Fiona's "Desperate Attempt" at Stability “What’s really interesting about this time around is I think Fiona has been through so much — real life trauma — without Jimmy and actually gotten stronger, and I don’t think she [was] as penetrable to his charms and manipulations as she once was.Read more ' Shameless' Boss on the Surprising Finale: Fans Demanded More You’ve been away from the show for some time.What was the biggest adjustment for you stepping back into the role and the world?

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