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Now, 15 years into a chart-topping career, Wright has stepped forward and become the first mainstream country music star to acknowledge their homosexuality.

The pretty 39-year-old revealed her secret in print to People magazine, and on the air on TODAY Wednesday, in an interview that coincided with the release of her autobiography, “My Life.” ‘Don’t let me be gay’Speaking on TODAY Wednesday, Wright told Natalie Morales she knew she was different from other girls as early as third grade, and prayed to God, “Please don’t let me be gay.” “Country music is typically known to be conservative,” she said.

I was living a secret life and I was very much a country music celebrity, and I saw no way to get those to coexist.

“I gave up hope and I was ready to take my own life.” A changed prayer But Wright, who had always tried to be stoical about her double life, finally allowed herself to cry.

John Rich Net Worth: John Rich is an American country musician and TV personality who has a net worth of million.

He was asked to leave the group in 1998 and pursued a solo career with two singles and a debut album that wouldn't be released for about eight years.He hosted reality show "Gone Country" in 2007 and judged NBC's "Nashville Star" a year later alongside Jewel, Billy Ray Cyrus and Jeffrey Steele. Rich is an active political enthusiast who has publicly supported candidates John Mc Cain, Doug Hoffman and Zach Wamp.Rich was part of a season of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" and defeated Marlee Matlin in the live season finale. He has been married to his wife, Joan, since 2008 and they have two children.Music City’s Lower Broadway and Sin City’s Grand Bazaar Shops will be home to the watering holes, a venture he says he’s …Neither John Rich nor the remaining members of Lonestar have ever explained why Rich was fired after the band's 'Crazy Nights' album was released.It can be assumed, however, that each party's success in the years to come justified the move.

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