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On closer inspection, the "wall" was actually a bunch of spray-painted plywood sheets patched together.Customers wore T-shirts and paint-splattered jeans, and the Southern drawl of the man talking over the PA system made the room like a scene from a Jeff Foxworthy routine.According to multiple sources and financial documents, Rubin made millions off the players' investments in the casino operation.Rubin's fall featured more than its share of warning signs, Yahoo! You want to go somewhere with a nice dinner, then move on to the bar or something to round out the evening, give it a little nightcap. In high school, I was The Curse, because of my name, and because I was bad luck for the other side. I've been to American Samoa on two trips to visit some disadvantaged folks; and if you're awake and you have your limbs and you're free, you're blessed.

RACHEL: So at the end of the column each week, we ask for the best advice you have for the people out there. If you're alive and you can hear me say this, you're blessed. First question is from Melanie Leckstein in San Diego. Personally, I've been finding over the past year, you want 32 and up. JEVON: You have to do something that shows you belong, that you're not an outsider. You have to show people where you're coming from, and then you start gellin' -- gellin' like Magellan, you know. But if you're a busy guy, you have to go over 25 if you want it done right. RACHEL: After being in Tennessee for so long, was it hard to get in with the team here? No, I just showed the guys I'm just like them -- that outside of football, I don't want to be serious; that I'm laid-back and chill and just having fun. My roommate says squash is not a sport, it's a game. " JEVON: First of all, being from the South, I've only eaten my squash. Anything 23-and-below, you got to do a lot of schooling, lot of educating -- although I guess the answer depends on how much free time this guy has. I say, just do something that's going to make yourself stand out. He says, "I played on the squash team when I was in college. But if he does play it, this is what I think: Anything someone takes up and dedicates hard work to, I say it's a sport. Like if you were in the club drinking 100 proof or something, then next week you go on the date and you're sober with the lights on and ...

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