Japan coins dating calandar

Because of the distressing circumstances of the common people during the Tempo 8 (1837) famine, he started an insurrection known as "Tempo-no-ran" (The Tempo Revolt).

The pair of gaslights located just inside the old Front Gate are the oldest in Japan still remaining in good condition today.

Every year, during cherry blossom time around the middle of April, the entire Yodo Riverside lane, a full length of 560m, is opened to the public for one week for cherry blossom viewing.

This event has been held for over a century since 1883.

Both Japan and Taiwan date their coins by the number of years the emperor or government has been in power.

Thailand coins are dated using the Buddhist Era, but the same date may be struck for many years.

Some other services include Fairs held by the Head Office, Saitama Branch and Hiroshima Branch.

Though most collectors take dates on coins for granted, dates on coins did not come into wide-spread use in Europe until the 16th century.

Displays of fireworks were provided by the Government, and the day after the inaugural ceremony, the Mint was thrown open to the populace, who for three successive days thronged the buildings in one unbroken crowd of all ages and both sexes. Banknotes are produced by National Printing Bureau. We suggest that you bring your coin to several coin dealers for appraisal. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Mint Shop where you can buy various souvenirs.

It was taken out of the mould after the bronze being cooled and hardened. The whole neighborhood presently called Temma, now the seat of Japan Mint, was in the Edo period (1615 to 1868) the official residence of those days’ Temma Yoriki (law enforcement officials).

Twelve kinds of copper coins were issued by the government during 250 years or so following the mintage of the Wado Kaichin or Wado Kaiho in 708. The entrance located in front of the Mint Club House is one of the gates.

The calendar is approximately 11 days short of the Gregorian (AD) system so there is no fixed formula for calculating the Christian year. Some early 19 century up to 1925 have the full AH date of the year of issue. From 1925 to 1976 the SH year (based on a Solar Hegirae year).

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