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After losing the Loud records name after a sale to Sony in 2002, Rifkind started Street Records Corporation (a second SRC).

Early artist signings included platinum-selling southern rapper David Banner, as well as R&B singer Akon.

By focusing on the trendsetters of urban cool culture; the rappers, DJs, and street hustlers, and knowing the best places to promote their artists (clubs, on college radio, street corners, record stores, at shows, etc), Rifkind and SRC were able to make inroads into urban markets that many mainstream advertisers had a hard time getting to.

"You can't reach America's youth with off the mark radio ads or insulting television commercials,", founded in 1996 with childhood friend, Psychologist, Dr.

Among others, Loud's holdings included a film division and a clothing line.

Today Rifkind is still deeply involved in the hip-hip and R&B world.

This can include posting bills or stickers in areas that are not designated for them or hard to reach places, or stenciling spray painted images or messages in high traffic urban areas.

Other common street team practices include giveaways of promotional products (CDs, T- shirts, posters, etc) at events (shows, basketball games, hip-hop battles, etc.) "We create the biggest buzz we can by building it one step at a time" said Rifkind.

In 2007, Rifkind acquired limited rights to the Loud Records name from Sony and released the Wu-Tang Clan's Along with operating SRC, and his ever expanding roster of corporate clients, Rifkind's latest ventures include investments in Coalition Records, a Reggaeton label, as well in Kid's Block, an educational DVD series for kids featuring music by the Trackmasters production team a data storage products inventor and manufacturer.He is also mentioned in Asher Roth's "Roth Boys" mixtape of "Roc Boys".He is seen pushing Roth through a grocery store in a cart full of bread.” If I’m one fashionista empathizing with another, I have to comply.“Being in the public eye and everything is recorded these days,” she explains. I do the social media because I’ve been encouraged to.

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    , last revised in 2007, was developed in the project’s second year.