Is lindsay lohan dating sam ronson chanel iman tyga dating

Laneia: They’re our age and they looked like us — like a straight girl and a gay girl, which is what we looked like, you know? Riese: If there were like five celebrity lesbian couples their age I wouldn’t care about any of them. We get how they feel and we know when they’re fucking it up!I was, like, this is just bad news, any way you wanna slice it. There were several intervention-type things where we all tried to make her see this.”“I love her as a human being,” says Ronson.“And I’m not gonna sit there and negate everything that we had.The first “out” lesbian couple in modern mainstream youth culture.It was a relationship dogged by car crashes, run-ins with the Los Angeles paparazzi, incidents of drunk and drug-driving, legal disputes and a snarky swirl of homophobic comment.

To make her more, then, than just Lindsay Lohan’s ex.

Probably because she knows they only want to talk about the same thing we want to talk about: her on-again off-again LESBIAN relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

Finally, Samantha has given a rare interview to The Times UK which covers topics including, but not limited to, Lindsay Lohan. The interviewer ponders: One explanation for the timing might be because she had not long signed up with a new management company: Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment.

Reflecting on it now, Ronson appears scarred by the experience. We went, expecting complete pandemonium, but the scene was fairly low-key.

And she is angry at the homophobic slant of much of the media coverage of her time with Lohan, that Twitter was abuzz with reports she abused her lover and that the rumours weren’t quickly rebuffed.“The fact that Perez Hilton calls me ‘Saman’ – it’s the most homophobic thing ever,” she spits. I’m pretty feminine at the end of the day.“Everyone was like, ‘Openly gay DJ Samantha Ronson…’ No! She was a good DJ and looked hot and Lindsay was totally not there.

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