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A large number of early Irish literary texts, though recorded in manuscripts of the Middle Irish period (such as Lebor na h Uidre and the Book of Leinster), are essentially Old Irish in character.

Middle Irish is the form of Irish used from the 10th to 12th centuries; it is therefore a contemporary of late Old English and early Middle English.

He used a slightly modified form of the language shared by Ireland and Scotland at the time and also used the Roman script. The type used was adapted to what has become known as the Irish script.

In 1571, the first book in Irish to be printed in Ireland was a Protestant 'catechism', containing a guide to spelling and sounds in Irish. This was published in 1602-3 by the printer Francke.

It is an important part of Irish nationalist identity, marking a cultural distance between Irish people and the English.

The tracts were edited and published by Osborn Bergin as a supplement to Ériu between 19.

For example, neuter nouns still trigger eclipsis of a following complement, as they did in Middle Irish, but less consistently.

The Church of Ireland (a member of the Anglican communion) undertook the first publication of Scripture in Irish.

The first Irish translation of the New Testament was begun by Nicholas Walsh, Bishop of Ossory, who worked on it until his murder in 1585.

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