Irish marriage and dating customs

Friends and family when enquiring about the ‘big’ day would ask: ‘When are you giving us a day out? ’ Next comes the all important planning, usually the poor groom ducks and takes cover and leaves all this to the bride and her family as traditionally it is the bride’s father who foots the bill. Gone are the days when a marriage depended on the size of the bride’s dowry.

Marriages were once based on what the bride could bring to the marriage either cattle or a farm or plot of land. It was once known for family to marry family as it was law that only a male heir could inherit and this made sure that land and property stayed within the family name. The bride’s attention turns to her dress and accessories.

The ceremony over the bride and groom leave the Church traditionally to the sound of pipes.

In days gone by a family member or a friend of the family who could play the bagpipes would play as the happy couple left the Church and also at the reception afterwards which would have once been held in the bride’s parent’s house.

’ Not very romantic but every Irish girl would know what was being asked.To-day, couple’s usually hold their reception in a hotel or hires a hall depending on what the budget will stretch to.However, the bride must travel a different way than she traveled to the church as this symbolizes the fresh start to her new life.Cutting the cake is a very important part of the day.The guest’s all gather round to watch and cheer as the first slice is cut.

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