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Crowds and armed paramilitaries converged on the area and some joined in the fighting (including MKO members).The military, still loyal to Bakhtiar, sent armoured columns through the city to restore order and relieve the pro-Shah troops, but crowds surrounded the tanks and stopped them getting through.Traditionally, most of them disdained and avoided politics.At different stages, the more politically-minded clerics allied themselves with secular liberals or with reaction and the monarchy.In fact, what we mean when we speak of Iran in Syria is the presence of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the influence of which has grown over the last ten years. How powerful are they, and does their greater influence signify an expansionist Iran and even more trouble in the Middle East?When Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from exile on 1 February 1979, he was greeted by an enormous crowd (estimates of its size have run up to three million, but no one really knows).The Komiteh were mostly based in mosques, from which they distributed food and fuel oil for heating and cooking (normal retail distribution had largely broken down).Other armed groups were connected with political movements – leftists, and the Mojahedin-e Khalq organisation (MKO), a Marxist-Islamic outfit that had carried out terrorist attacks against the Shah’s regime (and some US nationals) over the previous decade.

The final showdown came between 10-12 February 1979.But it was necessary also to establish an armed force that was unquestioningly loyal to Khomeini and to the principle of an Islamic republic. There were other pro-Khomeini paramilitary groups that sometimes carried firearms, notably Hezbollah (the so-called party of God) and the Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution, but almost from the start, the Sepah was pre-eminent and more disciplined.The revolution had side-effects well beyond the jockeying for power that went on in Tehran throughout the rest of 1979.Finally, on the morning of 12 February, the military commanders met, acknowledged the hopelessness of the situation, announced on the radio their (so-called) neutrality and ordered all troops to return to their barracks.Bakhtiar gave up in disgust and went into hiding, leaving the country a few weeks later. But there was still a dangerous vacuum of authority in the country, which persisted for several months in 1979.

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