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They will create scenarios or characters that grab at our attention.When you are dreaming especially, you are aligned with other realms o it is easier for spirits to speak to you.Before you meditate or sleep is ask for guidance with sincerity and deliberation.Spirits have to communicate through indirect means so they will sharpen your senses so you may notice more.Here are some of the common ways that spirits try to talk to us.If any of these are happening you try to look past your fear of the unknown and listen to your gut.You'll see them on the edge of your vision, or smell a flower that reminds you of someone deceased.

You will need this information so stay open to its existence or you will shut it out. So listen to your gut as it may lead you to unknown places. If ever you are talking about the deceased, or a situation involving the dead, and you get a chilling sensation, that could be a clear indication of spirits.

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Here are five ways to tell if you have an intimidating personality: Intellectual conversation can be hard to come by, but strong personality types prefer it to the mundane banter that most people turn to in social settings.

They welcome people who are intellectually curious, wishing to discuss anything worthwhile.

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