Intimidating colleague

The following examples are adapted from Steinert (2008): · Denial: makes excuses for the person, thus fails to accept that the problem exists · Displacement: undertakes more clinical work, so avoids or delays investigating and tackling the issues · Reaction formation: becomes angry and frustrated, blames the other person, loses objectivity and does not tackle the cause of the problem · Sublimation: wants to rescue or protect the individual, may take on more work to avoid exposing the other person to challenges, rather than addressing the underlying problems.

At work, many factors can lead to difficulties between those of the same or similar grade (Garelick & Fagin, 2004). case-load, on-call duties, complexity of work), their working environment (e.g. number of skilled team members, dates of annual leave, opportunities for training and personal development, financial remuneration for similar work and monies for services), and support (e.g.

At work, emotions can surface such as anger, frustration, disappointment, anxiety, fear, envy and jealousy.

They may appear as behaviours such as rudeness, impatience, obstruction, hostility to patients or staff, or as difficulties with colleagues.

"; "Let's see here, I think those notes are somewhere ...

Individuals vary in their capabilities in forming and sustaining relationships.

It's no more energy than what I would expend if they lived here, it's 1,000 times better than e-mail/Facebook.

This information guide is intended for consultant psychiatrists and trainees in psychiatry who are experiencing difficulties with their colleagues.

Often we of few syllables manage to maintain our patience for the first five or 10 rudderless calls of the day. It has been a great way to get alone time on the phone and certainly when I visit.

On my recent visit, the 13-year-old asked if I'd brought the journal with me because he had new info. Something else I do to stay involved: I have my daughters e-mail me the spelling test for the week.

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