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She’s looking for a strong man who will embrace her independence and give her permission to let go. The best relationships are between two independent people with full rich lives.

They respect one another and learn from each other.

But not for long, because I don’t give up or give in easily. I enjoy the vibrant life I’ve created, but it’s not yet complete.

I’ve earned my independence through sweat and tears I’ve slain many dragons, most of them way before my divorce.

We’re not going to be your mom, your babysitter, or your financial provider. It’s when people start to need other people that things go sour. Why should we waste our time worrying about it and pulling the needy card?

If you can recognize the difference between “want” and “need,” you can avoid stumbling into the conventional trappings that bog down so many others. We have our own lives that might not always include you. We had a life before you, we’ll have a life after you, and even during this life beside you, sometimes you’re just not invited.

One, we chose the wrong partners, men who shut us out when the going got tough and couldn’t communicate well. Many women have trouble asking for what they want in an effective way.

This independent woman doesn’t want to be the sole proprietor of her life I love running my own business as a dating coach, but I no longer want to do everything by myself.

My husband was understandably overwhelmed and angered by our son’s disease. I studied all the literature available at the library (there was no internet in those days).When my husband “disappeared” in his mourning, I became more independent, soldiering on to nurture our 3-year-old daughter and newborn son.It was lonely, losing my husband to his anger and depression after our son died.Independence doesn’t mean I want to live alone for the rest of my life, doing everything for myself.It doesn’t mean I can’t “time-slot” a man into my life, as some men have feared.

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