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The boss pretends to fire the receptionist for stealing post-its, someone put a stapler in jello etc. Two six episode long seasons and a two part Christmas Special and that’s it! When I was watching the show for the first time my friend and I were so upset at the end of the last episode of season two we were both crying.

The feeling was different right from the start, Americans need more action, they need more resolutions and it’s that incessant need for action that destroyed the show. At the end of the second season you know what gets resolved? We felt like we had been punched in the gut and would never recover (but like, in a good way).

They simply don’t have the time to run amok with story lines that make no sense. Ricky Gervais’ name is on the credits of the American version, but he must be busy doing stand-up and turning down offers to host award shows. I am going to plead with you to watch the British version.

To bend the knee to God, to accept Jesus Christ as one’s personal savior, required humility, an acceptance that there are higher powers beyond your ken, to have faith and to not try to learn the trade secrets of the cosmos.

Whatever led to Bittan playing on , his presence on “Word On a Wing” seems ordained.

There are the child’s steps of melody Bittan plays in the intro, his steady chording in the verses, the cascading notes under the “sweet name” section, the sprightly two-note punctuation of the “word on a wing” prayer.

“The Higher Self comes to the rescue, ‘terrible as an army with banners’.” If successful, one has an expanded consciousness, a sense of calm, “like a ship hove-to, securely riding out the storm.” Compare this to Bowie’s various public statements about “Word On a Wing,” that it was “something I needed to produce from within myself to safeguard myself” or “I wrote [it] when I felt very much at peace with the world…. What better way can a man give thanks for achieving something that he had dreamed of achieving, than doing it with a hymn?

” “Word on a Wing” was his protective talisman encased in a song, much like the small crucifix he’d wear around his neck for decades.

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