Im a christian dating an atheist

I stopped to ask him if he was ok, realised he wasn’t technically injured but inebriated so checked he knew where he was and helped him to the bus stop. My soon-to-be-husband (I can’t quite get used to the term fiancé), realising the guy didn’t make it onto the next bus, walked me home and went back out to check on him. I sat drinking my cup of tea and realised that I was the Levite and he was the Good Samaritan. Inebriated had brought his situation upon himself a little more than the man who was walking down from Jerusalem to Jericho.He waited with him, talked to him to make sure he knew where to get off the bus and helped him on his way. But I was pretty happy to walk on by and S-T-B-H was not.It’s about the display of the glory of God at work through our relationship (Ephesians -33).

Maybe I’m just trying to justify all this because I happened to fall in love with a non-Christian, and my human arrogance wants to believe that God is ok with that.But there is only one definition of God that works for me; God is love.Whoever lives in love lives in God, so maybe we should stop trying to limit the people we might fall in love with.And ultimately, that’s why I’m happy to marry an atheist.Because Jesus didn’t care so much about whether you went to the temple or followed a ritual.

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