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The screen often flickers when running code because the code changes worksheets or writes values into cells or sorts data etc, all of which makes the screen refresh to show the changes made. I might just add those two lines of code into all of my previous projects! Turning off the Screen Updating does exactly that, and just shows the final screen position when it is turned back on. Are there any instances that you should avoid this code?

Private Sub Command Button1_Click() Sheets("Sheet2"). Can you post all the VBA code that these command button exceute when clicked so anything in the click event of the command button and any additional subs/functions they call. We may be able to suggest different ways of doing things to reduce/prevent the flicker. Range("g14:g" & Lastrow) For Each g In My Range If g. Offset(, -6)) Else Set copyrange = Union(copyrange, _ g, g.

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