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I started going to acting classes right when I started doing high school. Doing that and doing some theatre has given me some confidence.

It's humbling, because there is always so much to learn. I'm always trying to level up and work more." The star is into his martial arts and has shared pictures of him practising jiu-jitsu and kickboxing.

"As a kid he charmed audiences with his cute persona, now he's hoping to charm them in a different way find love." Jonathan is still acting but his roles in recent years haven't been as high-profile as those in the late 90s and early 00s.

His latest flick is low-budget horror flick Circus Kane, and the actor believes his skills have developed ever since he began attending acting classes in high school. I was kind of in an awkward phase, and I wasn't as confident in myself, and the best thing as an actor you can bring to a role is yourself.

Paul Hollywood and his wife Alex’s split comes just three weeks after he was forced to downplay rumours he got amorous with Bake Off winner Candice Brown at a showbiz party.Discussing the transition from child superstar to a grown up in the industry, he told Hollywood Reporter: "I took kind of a break. When you aren't confident in who that person is, you're not going to be the best actor."Truthfully, I wasn't the best actor for a while.Speaking in 2015, he said: We went through a very difficult time but we’re on top right now … ‘We love going out and have done that a lot this year. There was no let-up but now I feel we’re in a very good place.

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