Height discrimination dating

It’s so annoying when you like them but they’re too short,” she says. So we’ve seen its socially acceptable for a woman to discriminate on a man’s height.

But what if a man has a preference of a woman being a certain weight or clothes size? Feminists have ensured that no-one dares to “body shame” women or make judgement on their appearance.

Surprisingly, the article puts the blame on women for this double standard.

A man’s height, closely followed by wealth, are the two most desirable traits to women.

Tall men worrying they’re short, average breasted women worrying they’re small, people in wheelchairs worrying they’re weird, folks with abnormalities so rare they won’t even mention them online. Which brings me to my favorite of all the comments I received on Women vs. From that great sage, Anonymous: We’re all fucked up. Sure, we work too much, and sure we’re tired of meeting people in bars, and sure we’re searching for someone very particular – but let’s be honest, if we Internet daters were such prizes, chances are we wouldn’t be Internet dating to begin with, right? They’re other thirty-something daters — they’re fuck-ups too!

If height is not specified on a man’s profile, one of the first questions a woman will ask is “how tall are you? Even if all the other boxes are ticked, most women would rather be single than date a shorter man.

Men who lie about their height or try to conceal their height with elevator [shoes] should be arrested for fraud! Short guys aren’t just unappealing, they’re maddeningly unappealing. As an average height guy, 5’11”, I can pretty much get away with dating most girls who insist on just being taller than them. People almost six feet tall bitching about their height? Short men have emailed me and talked about committing suicide. Men have their own checklist of traits that we will unfairly deem sacrosanct. And if you’re under six feet tall, have some decency and buy a good pair of lifts. I swear I peed my pants when I first read it, mostly because it’s masterfully written and fluids flowed from every part of me as I gasped for breath between guffaws. I didn’t care, nor did I ever care, to date tall guys.

They’re like the Tea Party of the dating universe: it’s not that you dislike them, it’s that you can’t understand how they don’t dislike themselves. What I can’t get over is my own Napoleon complex, because my dad is 6’3”, my brother 6’4”, my best friend 6’7” and 3/5 of my close friends over 6’3”. As always seems to happen, men quickly turned on the larger ladies. A woman’s height/weight ratio really does give a sense of her body type and degree of fitness (waist size would help too)… Or ask their cleaning lady if it’s OK if they call her “Mother.” We’re all, as Anonymous said, 30 and single. You’re never gonna meet anyone looking like a freak. However, also because it was so true, at that point in my somewhat young experience, when I had been burned by not one, but FOUR alleged 5’9”ers who showed up at first “meetings” as 5’5”ers. I didn’t even know guys 6’2” EXISTED until a couple years ago.

According to a survey conducted by the University of North Texas, close to 50% of women said they would only date taller men.

I personally think 50% is a little modest, as many women probably lied on the survey.

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