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Who could forget the digs at Compton’s biggest hater, Tim Dog, with a few shots thrown at Luke for good measure? He had already gotten into the car accident that turned his voice into little more than a strangled whisper, but somehow it worked anyway.

Or they were performed by Dave Chappelle, who Talib Kweli brought on board to imitate Nelson Mandela. ”) then horns in on the conversation, trying to convince Ruck to “ask her if she got a friend.” The skit culminates with Ruck whipping out his Wanya Morris impersonation and trying to convince his lady to come over with a bit of Boyz II Men’s “Uhh Ahh.” Laughter ensues. It’s all to no avail as he utters, “Fuck it, he’s dead” in regards to one of his patients; “There’s a horse in the hospital” just adds to the confusion. Though Tim Meadows gets a few laughs, the real comedic talent is in the dead-on RZA and Jay-Z impersonations.Like the title, a good third of the album feels too forced.Another third is fair, but the remainder is stunning -- mostly song-based and mostly nonirreverent.The mega-talented Pharrell Williams' contribution to "Class System" could have been carried off by anyone, so that leaves it up to people from the pop and rock realm to really bring it to the table.They do, with solid songs that could exist outside of Handsome Boy's heavy-with-concept world.

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