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Black-and-white overall with a tiny red patch at the rear of the male's head.Birds from the interior West have nearly solid black wings.

Michelle Rodriguez didn't actually take the prize -- but she would have if Cancun held a Hottest/Hairiest Pageant. Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping people learn how to do anything.Medium-sized woodpecker with a fairly square head, a long chisel-like bill (nearly the same length as the head).Plus, the video shows a shocking transformation akin to the rainbow hair ones that editors loved in 2017.After giving his client a haircut off camera, Polatoglu starts the video by basically giving his client's lush neck hair a blowout with a small round brush. Seconds later, Polatoglu shows what his client looks like after shaving off all that neck hair and trimming around his collarbones.

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