Groupwise shared address book not updating

It seems as though updating the address book is a process that only happens in one direction. I have checked with Novell support and they are aware of the issue and have posted a work around that involves the owner of the address book shutting down Group Wise and Notify completely to update the address book. When running Group Wise 7.0 I run into the following problem: I am trying to share and address book between myself and a coworker.I created the address book, let's call it TESTBOOK and filled it with 3 names.But that point becomes mute when I start off every other browsing session with a new update. Updates, updates and more updates Name: pirhan Email: pirhan_chanathotmaildotcom Product: Firefox Summary: Updates, updates and more updates Comments: Hello, Normally I use Safari, but my i Book is out of commission for a while.So, I am forced to use a PC to which I would much rather use Firefox than Internet Exploder.

I have syncronized the changes and hit the refresh book button...however, the no one can see the change when they open the address book from their login account.You'd think I was running Windows XP and it's patch Tuesday. And unfortunately the update nag messages are always presented when I start a browsing session.So far this week - new kernel (, 2 new browsers (Opera 9.63 and Firefox 3.05) and a new plugin (Flash I find this annoying because, typically, when I open a web browser all I want to do is go to a web page. I can agree that staying current with the latest version could give the best, fastest, safest web experience.(We have tried synchronizing and refreshing my coworker's TESTBOOK to no avail.) Here's the weird part though, any updates my coworker makes to TESTBOOK are instantly updated on my version.What's the point of me giving full access for someone to edit a shared address book if the changes they make are not reflected on my end?

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