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Piece of advice number one: Bear in mind those three sentiments which, from what I can tell, I share with all the other 3.5 billion male fish in the sea. But even if I’m lucky enough to match with one of these women, I find myself staring at that little text box for fifteen minutes trying to come up with something better than, “I like looking at your pictures.” And some women wonder why they don’t get anything other than, “Hey, what’s up? Find a picture of yourself with someone you love or doing something you love, and a guy will pick up on that.

”), and shirtless selfies (“If you’re flexing shirtless in the mirror, your life is a waste”). But I’m going to ask you to reconsider one of those three, and I’m not talking about Don Juan or Junior Mr. Call me crazy, but if a dude has a picture of himself holding some dead fish, he’s probably just a regular dude, and that’s not a bad thing.Warning signs and normal signs—know the difference. If he seems to be a little too complimentary of your physical appearance, it might be all he cares about.But don’t be too quick to judge the guy who can’t quite seem to get it right.Well-wishers and church groups raised £40,000 to help Lindsay Sandiford, 61, appeal against the death penalty for smuggling 10 lb of cocaine into Bali in 2012.The money was paid into accounts controlled by Indonesian legal advocate Ursa Supit, who used to work with British charity Reprieve.

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