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Dr Michal Kosinski revealed that the algorithm outperformed human beings taking the same test.

The focus of this tech includes both permanent facial features and less fixed areas, i.e. This means that based on the size of your forehead and the length of your nose, the machine is able to make a prediction.

Kosinski revealed that the prediction models with the sole aim of gender resulted in less accurate predictions.

It detected gay males with 57% accuracy and gay females with 58% accuracy, contradicting a previous idea that women were more fluid in their orientation and less easy to detect.

The researchers state that such hormones assist in developing the facial structures of the fetus which can be involved in determining sexuality, strengthening support for the argument that people are born gay, rather than choosing to be.

These findings have come as a result of ever-growing volumes of data and improving algorithms which highlight the increasing power of technology and its potential to seek out and inevitably harm individuals. Michal Kosinski of Stanford University has collaborated with Yilun Wang in conducting this project.

Indeed, recent events in Chechnya demonstrate the violent persecution and discrimination that gay people still face around the world.

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Kosinski has previously released works on Facebook data and its use for detecting personality traits.

Kosinski also mentions that with the right combination of data, similar systems may be able to spot other traits such as IQ or political views, which is also pretty terrifying. In a statement, Ashland Johnson of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said: “Imagine for a moment the potential consequences if this flawed research were used to support a brutal regime’s efforts to identify and/or persecute people they believed to be gay”.

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