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Many famous knife makes got their start at the Gerber factory, names such as Al Mar and Pete Kershaw having had the benefit of working and learning the knife trade at the Gerber knife factory. Fixed blade knives and folders produced with high tech materials and construction are the norm with Gerber original designs.Since 1938, almost 70 years, the Gerber name has been one of the finest knife manufactures in the production of hunting, tactical, and utility designs.WWII Knuckle Knife, made in New Zealand and marked "SMITHS" on the brass handle. At first glance I'm sure you thought it was a Carlson Marine Raider "Gung Ho" knife. The double edge blade is still covered in old grease. But this knife is actually associated with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The full company name was established as Gerber Legendary Blades.The original products were produced by another well known name in knife history, David Murphy.This enables users to improve productivity, reduce errors caused by manual data entry and get better visibility to work in process.

Some of the knives pictured here no longer reside in my collection, but remain posted for your reference. This exact knife is pictured on page 79 of Mike Silvey's WWII Book.. The handle is cast steel with "BC 41" molded into it. The solution helps apparel and furniture manufacturers automate manual processes to improve quality, increase productivity, shorten cycle times, reduce labor costs and accelerate time to market.2017Virtek announces the next generation platform of vision-driven laser positioning system (VPS), with a new feature called Flash Align which eliminates manual target alignment.The Knife Intelligence feature senses the deflection of the knife that occurs when cutting difficult materials or high-ply spreads and automatically corrects the knife angle to compensate for this deflection. 1982International expansion continues with office openings in the U. The company revolutionizes pattern design with the introduction of the Silhouette™ pattern drafting table. Virtek supplies solutions for two- and three-dimensional laser templating and composite ply positioning, laser-guided ply kitting and part inspection.1997Gerber acquires Cutting Edge Systems of Massachusetts, pioneers in the single-ply cutting arena. The award is presented to companies whose exports increase consistently year over year and account for a significant portion of revenue. 2011Gerber Technology launches the GERBERcutter® Z1 – the next generation computer-controlled, automated cutting system powered by Axis™ software, the most powerful and flexible cutting software platform in the industry.

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