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Though honestly, Zuko probably would've fucked up somehow anyway, so what was the point in griping? " -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Zuko -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Zuko and Sokka were relaxing together at the firebenders' apartment. More than Azula, more than failure, more than his , Zuko had always been so scared of his own thoughts, scared of his own beliefs, because at one point he couldn't even tell what they were anymore. Actually, he would more likely jump out the window and run far away. From the firebender," Toph replied, hefting her weapons higher."That ""Well," Sokka said, clapping his hands together as Toph rolled around in sheer joy. " Zuko asked, his voice very faint."Yeah," Toph replied carelessly. And it certainly wasn't too late for her to loudly insist that the only way to fix their boring performance was if they'd all fought her at once, then "maybe the people could've gotten their money's worth"."Did you long?!

A/N: Those of you who have read my other ATLA fanfics know that Maiko -- Mai/Zuko, my precious emo warriors -- is my OTP. ""Just tell her it's the Boomerang Guy," Sokka said, quietly backing away. Sokka seemed aggravated with something and no amount of subtle prodding could get him to talk. She would probably find him - because that was her thing, if her presence there was to teach him anything - but if he could get far enough away from civilization, he could use his firebending and gain a fighting chance."Sokka. "She's taking it better than I expected.""Yeah, great, whatever." Zuko rolled his eyes. She stretched out leisurely, propping her hands behind her head. " Toph shouted back, throwing a man easily three times her weight clear across the room.

What was important was that the Avatar's friend shut up. "That's fair.""I'm glad you agree," Zuko said sarcastically. If you must deprive me of my fun." The old man smiled indulgently. Not once during their shopping trip did Zuko ask about Aang. When Zuko wasn't being a complete ass, he was actually pretty fun to hang around with. According to Sokka, Mai had only gotten better at her knife throwing and Ty Lee had learned chi blocking. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- The Earth King was an idiot."You're telling me you're screwed. " Uncle knocked a hole in the Dai Li's ranks, hefted Kuei over his shoulder, and ran down the unblocked hallway."Move it!

He clearly wasn't going to, but Zuko could dream, couldn't he? He made snide comments about Sokka's love of shopping, gave a tip or two for selecting a good beginner sword, and flirted with Sokka whenever it looked like a girl was about to approach them, but he never even used the words 'Avatar', 'honor', or 'Firelord'. Well, maybe 'fun' wasn't the right word for it, but Sokka was enjoying himself. He didn't recognize her by name - granted, he only actually bothered to remember Suki's name - but she was very familiar. She had a high braid and a big smile and Sokka desperately tried to recall who she was. hey."She stood very close."You're cute." And she was very blunt."I kind of have a boyfriend," Sokka told her, holding his arms up as if to ward her away. " Toph threw all their opponents away from them at once, but it only bought them limited time; Azula and the Dai Li weren't far behind them.

You can contact her at [email protected] via the contact form on her website at is a photographer, cosplayer, amateur chef, crazy cat lady, anime otaku, bookworm, generic geek, world traveler, conservative Christian, homeschooler, devoted military wife and stay at home new mother of two little girls.

While he said white people were the most likely to consider relationships with people from other ethnic backgrounds, he said the biggest 'reversals' in preference, are observed among groups that display the greatest tendency towards in-group bias.

If Uncle hadn't insisted on making Zuko wait tables filled with giggling girls, this wouldn't have happened. Apparently, the little earthbender girl never forgot a voice. "Sokka's Boyfriend who wasn't his boyfriend yet got to be his boyfriend to keep random girls from hitting on him, and Zuko's Boyfriend who wasn't his boyfriend yet agreed so he could keep an eye on got Sokka's Boyfriend who wasn't his boyfriend yet and make sure he'd really changed his ways but then you two ended up dating.""... " Sokka wasn't sure he followed, but what he could make out sounded right."You two idiots faked it 'til you made it," Toph clarified."Oh. (Zuko didn't exactly of gambling, but he really wanted to get reservations at the nice new restaurant that allegedly served Water Tribe food; it was his turn to plan date night and he needed some funds)Then Toph "saw" something very much like the Earth Rumble she'd once ruled happening in the Lower Ring.

If the damn Water Tribe peasant hadn't heard about the amazing new tea shop, this wouldn't have happened. Also, apparently, someone had told her the voice she'd heard that morning in the abandoned town - and that afternoon asking who she was to be breaking down the door like that - belonged to an enemy. Because I'm great like that." Her own magnificence seemed to snap her out of her giggle fits. Yeah, that's basically what happened, yes.""You had better not tell Sugar Queen without me there.""That's fi-""Not so fast, Sokka," Zuko cut in. It was too late for her to enter, but not for them to get tickets.

If Zuko didn't come up with such terrible ideas while panicking, this wouldn't have happened. He'd turned away the Freedom Fighters, and yeah, it turned out he'd dodged an arrow with that one, but one in a lifetime was not good odds. Zuko would bury in face in his hands were said hands not encased in a rock prison. Or maybe she could sense the men's incredulous expressions; Sokka never could really tell with her."? It wasn't too late for Toph to find the bar the contestants went to afterward, either.

Being the only teenager in the entire South Pole (not counting Katara because , sisters don't really count as people), had left Sokka deprived of a healthy social life. Sokka, seeing the hallway ended with a large window, threw his boomerang ahead and knocked out the glass."Let's go, people! Uncle dropped Kuei and began throwing fire at their pursuers. He had done nothing but run since Azula had tried to bring him back to the Fire Nation in chains.

Not that he wasn't social - he was clearly quite awesome at making friends - but he only really knew social queues from observation and pure luck in the guessing department. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- "So, once we get this stuff into the carriage and sent to my house-" Sokka paused for a brief moment to give Zuko the opportunity to ask where said house was. "-we can head back towards the Jasmine Dragon and grab some tea, maybe get some jerky on the way, and make plans for tomorrow.""Tomorrow? (he desperately hoped)"Never mind, we're not dating.""No take-backsies! And maybe, it was also time for Sokka to finally have that talk with Suki he'd been putting off. He knew she was pretty, she was awesome, and she could totally kick his ass six ways from Sunday. If he hadn't had Zuko, it would be enough - enough to build on, at least. " Toph yelled, bending a platform of earth for them to climb on to. Sokka stood at the front, swiping at the earth cuffs flying at them. He ran so far he'd even left Uncle behind, only to nearly lose him forever in a ghost town.

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