Geek dating behavior

It’s not just the early employees who benefit, though; the starting package for a just-out-of-undergrad Facebook engineer is around million over four years.

And that doesn’t take into account the fact that all meals, medical care, gym membership, transportation to the office, and massage therapy are covered as company “perks.” No matter how much money is generated in other industries in San Francisco, the tech and biomed companies that succeed dominate the money pool, and geeks make up the vast majority of that pool’s beneficiaries.

They’ve hidden themselves behind computer screens since they were ten years old, limiting their interactions to people who were like them.

And their parents and teachers allowed it because they felt sorry for them, wanted to shelter them from the rejection that came whenever they engaged with peers. And maybe the arrogance is derived from self consciousness and maybe the rudeness is derived from lack of social practice, but if they’re going to operate in a grown up social world, neither is an excuse.

A geek doesn’t necessarily have above-average intelligence, but he’s spent an above average amount of time on his craft and is therefore good at it in an above-average way.

Unlike the nerd, the geek’s outsider status comes first, and he’s fiercely conscious of it.

To put it in geek terms, it would be like a lead programmer at Google partnering with a kid in CS 101 to start a company. It’s a gap that frustrates both the men and the women, and I write this to both note it and to refute the notion that it’s somehow the woman’s fault for not being open to dating the non-quarterback.

The nerd has a tendency to become an outsider because his obsession with said intellectual pursuit makes him look at the world differently from others, causing him to have trouble connecting to them, or to forego time spent on “normal” endeavors (like proper grooming) to instead maintain focus on his singular intellectual pursuit.

Nerds are relatively ambivalent to the fact that they sit outside the mainstream, and, regardless of their wealth, are mainly irrelevant to this argument, in the same way Warren Buffet is a very successful financier who’s irrelevant to the NY social scene.

A geek, on the other hand, is an outsider who adopts nerd qualities in order to have an excuse for being socially inept.

It’s hard to relate to, but it’s also kind of endearing. Because you go to a bar in SF and the décor is great and the DJ’s music selection is right and the cocktails are delicious, and the crowd is Remember that anxious energy that used to exist at middle school dances? Except instead of being able to escape into the silent comfort of a “Come on Ride that Train” dance line, you get stuck in conversations about the latest “disruptive technology” with the start-up junkie or suffer through the philosophical position on C of a computer programmer whose adolescent grin makes you uncomfortably aware he’s got a boner (whether for you or the subject on which he’s speaking is unclear).

Examples: In the second instance, the Geek adopts the social activities of the rest of the world. But more than that, it’s feeling like a jerk when he touches your back and you instinctively pull away because remotely sexual about this exchange?

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