Fun dating ideas for single parents

Know that each date falls on a specific day (TBD) and that each couple will be selected to go on one date only.

Dates will also be highlighted on the Details Matter blog so you’ll need to provide them with a photo and a quick recap.

This is exactly why I’m fired up about this project.

There is so much more to do in San Diego than dinner and a movie.

We create events for our children, as well as occasional parent nightout "PNO" activities. We are also looking for member(s) to step up to be an event organizer to create events for the younger kids not in school yet to teens, all ideas welcome. OUR GOAL is a FUN Meetup consisting of single moms and dads who:1.

Want to contribute & participate in stimulating group events that expand our children's world. This isn't a Single Parent "dating" group but if people find love together, we'll celebrate!!!

Tina shares tips for parenting and raising adventurous boys.Through connections with awesome like-minded FUN friends, we believe our children will become more well-rounded in the years that lie ahead.2. AND just because you start dating someone from anywhere you DO NOT NEED TO leave FSP.Love their children with all their might and heart but can bond with adults about adult things other than the latest sale at Gymboree, justice, etc.3. Heck we have active members who got married and they can and do remain in the group.If selected, once your date is scheduled, it’s up to you to complete it. Thank you for stopping by, we are the FUN single parents group.

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