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Such return shall state the number and nominal amount of shares comprised in such allotment and the names, addresses and occupations of the allottees.[Section 75(1)(c)(i)] If the Bonus shares are issued out of revaluation reserves and for some reason, if the value of the assets gets reduced, then what will be the position of the Bonus shares so allotted.Regulations contained in Table A of the Act apply to a public company limited by shares to the extent they are not inconsistent with the articles of that company.Section 28(2) says that the regulations contained in Table A shall apply to a company limited by shares, insofar as the Articles of the concerned company do not exclude or modify them. 96:— (1) The company in general meeting may, upon the recommendation of the Board, resolve— (a) that it is desirable to capitalise any part of the amount for the time being standing to the credit of any of the company's reserve accounts, or to the credit of the profit and loss account, or otherwise available for distribution; and (b) that such sum be accordingly set free for distribution in the manner specified in clause (2) amongst the members who would have been entitled thereto, if distributed by way of dividend and in the same proportions.

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