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Only about 350 Missouri inmates don't fall into one or more of these four categories.I promise you the typical person who is convicted of drug possession in a tough, law-and-order jurisdiction like Platte County does not go to prison for a day, much less the 5.7 years as cited in the article.

--Kirby Holden Rural Platte County EDITOR: You know I love your paper and always appreciate your reporting, but the second half of your front page story on Judy Henderson sounded like a press release from the Missouri Innocence Project. Henderson was convicted of capital murder by a jury who heard all of the evidence, not just a summary based on the defendant's side of the story. Henderson puts on her conviction, the jury found that she aided or encouraged the killer and that her purpose was to commit murder.

Mike Reik that this "general fund" needed to stay between 18 and 21% of expenditures to cover any emergencies, so it could not be used. You may also remember during this same time period the district had "emergency budget cutting" meetings as the 2012 levy question had just failed and district administration was preparing parents for doom and gloom.

R-3 solicited public input looking at cutting magazines in the library, the activities bus, charging parents for sports etc.

In 20 the district had about million in savings.

At that time I asked why some of this money was not being used to alleviate the overcrowding at Barry and Pathfinder and was told by Superintendent Dr.

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