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Do NOT, for any reason, provide any personal or banking information over the phone to anyone you don’t know and trust 100% unless you instigated the call for your own reasons.

Law Enforcement, Government or reputable businesses will NOT call and threaten/coerce you into buying prepaid credit cards, providing remote access to computers, or providing personal/banking information.

All of these scams have the same basic premise: a despicable thief threatens/scares an unsuspecting victim as they portray themselves as the “person who just want to help”.

Once they have the victim scared, they: a) convince them to purchase prepaid credit cards, i Tunes Cards, or similar items from a local store and provide the card access numbers to the thief; which allows them to steal the money, b) convince them to grant remote access to the victim’s computer or to provide personal information (social security numbers, banking numbers, etc.) setting the victim up for identity theft and fraud.

The old saying still applies, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.” ###The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office continues to receive reports of scammers trying to lie, intimidate, and threaten people into giving up their hard-earned money or personal information, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve received reports of the Jury Scam, the IRS Scam and the Microsoft Computer Virus Scam.

If for some reason you “think” it might be a legitimate call, take the time to check out the information on your own.

Do NOT use the phone numbers or contact information the person on the phone is providing; look the information up yourself and make contact with known, published numbers.

“Utilities Company Scam” On November 30, 2017, Crime Check received a report of a person claiming to work for a local utilities company.

The scammer had some personal information about the citizen (information that could be found on the internet) which aided in the scammer sounding legitimate but the potential victim was suspicious and took the time to contact the Spokane County Auditor’s Office to check out the story.

He quickly learned the Spokane County Liaison Office doesn’t exist and this is a scam.

Comparable crimes may be a consideration for the termination or denial of assistance.

Scammers continue to use the same stories (lies) stating they’re from the IRS, Spokane County, or some other government agency or private business.

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