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On a good day, she can earn ,100 if a client requests four hours but often she will see between two and three men a day; typically taxi drivers, bankers, corporate workers and businessmen on work trips from China, Honk Kong and Singapore, as well as students.'They would rather I did something else but they are proud of me for being able to fend for myself.You know, going home with a drunk man from a night club is dangerous, sex work in Australia is pretty safe because it's decriminalised; I can call the police and they won't judge me if something goes wrong,' she said.Inverse of Shrug of God (when the creator(s) refuses to give a concrete answer), and of Better Than Canon (when the fans all decide their theory is preferable regardless of what the creator says).When this happens between fictional characters, it's a Sure, Let's Go with That.Angus cross heifers 460 kg made 00 (.39) and Ayrshire cross heifers 425 kg made 30 (.42).

The 25-year-old is mesmerised by the ravishing beauty of Gili Meno and is only too aware that it is thanks to her profession - from which she earns up to ,000 a week - that she can afford the idyllic Indonesian resort.If a particular work has a long and continuous run, fanon may be promoted to canonicity because a Promoted Fanboy is now calling all the shots.There was a large bench of buyers, vendors and onlookers at last Thursday's Dannevirke Cattle Fair held at the Dannevirke sale yard rostrum.Contrast Jossed (when fan theories are explicitly debunked by Word of God or canonical events), Beam Me Up, Scotty!(when a phrase that's well known was never uttered in the canon).

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