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Making these points in international media is a real win for privacy campaigners like myself who are concerned about the high stakes at play if people’s private porn viewing data is released into the public domain.

I’m on the train again now (lots of schlepping around London this weekend) so this is going to be a super quick scrappy post, but I just had to share this massive breakthrough into the mainstream media with the campaigning I’ve been doing around age verification.

In the article accompanying the news report, correspondent Tom Cheshire shows that although Mind Geek deny they will snoop on user’s private data, the Age ID Privacy Policy “details a wealth of information the site may collect.” It includes name, postal address, nationality, date and place of birth, email address, mobile phone numbers and demographic information, as well as searches made on Age ID.

It notes that this information can be used by Age ID “to develop and display content and advertising tailored to your interests on our Website and other sites”.

The policy also says: “We also may use these technologies to collect information about your online activities over time and across third-party websites or other online services.” Mind Geek has suffered high profile hacks in the past, with millions of people’s personal information being stolen.

A database of pornographic sites visited across the web for 25 million people in the UK would likely be a target for hackers.

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