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They use their prehensile tails to attach to seagrass while searching for prey, consisting mostly of planktonic crustaceans.The ribbon dragon is similar to the Rainbow Serpent depicted in ancient Aboriginal drawings that date back to 6,000 years ago.Despite its common name these animals are not true seadragons but rather pipefish.They live in the shallow tropical seas of Australia and Indonesia.You might not know where to start, or what you should read about, but don't worry -- there are plenty of online pages and articles about astronomy, designed just for kids like you.Everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home.Giant kelp provides food and shelter for a vibrant ecosystem.

When you look up at the sky at night, you'll probably see the moon and some stars, and you might wonder where they came from.The Cam can be operated by the viewer by clicking on the Control Cam button.One of the most interesting times to view Beach Cam is during the weekend, when up to 150,000 people visit a day.This is a live, streaming HD webcam from Venice Beach, California, just south of Santa Monica.Venice Beach is an eclectic, funky, and definitely unique place where sidewalk vendors line the boardwalk selling their wares, many of the items homemade; and street performers entertain the passing crowds by performing their unusual talents.

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