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I went with it, I had no will to resist, moaning softly as we kissed. I thought he'd never stop pumping, I'd never had that much sperm from Bill but finally he gave one last jerk and I knew he was done. "Thanks babe, that was everything I thought it would be.He lifted me, holding me with his hands under my hips. He walked me like that into a stall, pushing the door open then it closed. You're kinda terrific, your husband is a lucky guy." I didn't know what to say so I just moaned softly, still panting from our lovemaking."I want to fuck you." My hips jerked hard into him, involuntarily and I moaned softly, "Ohhhhh..." "I see you want that too.Go to the ladies room after I take you back." Well I had no intention of doing any such thing but after he walked me back to the table I really had to pee so I told bill, "Be right back" and made my way to the bathroom.

We hadn't been dancing in years and he told me he'd stay right with me the whole time. Looking around I saw several other women dressed much as I was. I finished a couple of drinks and gradually loosened up. We'd been there about an hour when a young guy, about 25 I'd guess, walked over to our table. He was about six feet tall, a couple inches taller than Bill. My breath caught and I felt a flash of warmth just looking at him. "Your wife is really pretty," he said, "Would you mind if I asked her to dance? Surely Bill would refuse but he surprised me by saying, "Sure, go ahead, she likes to dance don't you honey?

When I had it on it was like my tits were on two plates. The effect on Bill was instant; I could see his erection clearly straining his jeans as I stood before him.

The cups ended below my nipples which were totally exposed. We had explosive sex that night, I came three times.

He wanted me to have sex with another girl and him, a threesome. That wasn't as bad and honestly I felt a little flash in my stomach when he'd talk about it but I'd never had sex with anyone but Bill and didn't really want to have another man and I CERTAINLY didn't want him to fuck another woman!

I enjoyed being on top, sitting with my tits jiggling as I rode him. But lately Bill had started asking for other things, things I wasn't comfortable with. But these days Bill had begun talking about other things, things I'd never even considered. Then he started carrying on about swapping, me having sex with another guy while he did it with the guys wife.

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