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which increased the security fee for the convention, well past operational budget.

In June of 2017, members of the Raiders were asked to leave Colorado Furries, a furry Telegram group, due to "community outcry as well as relatively recent events".

He refers to the stripe pattern as the "3-1-3" (each stripe has a specific meaning attached to a personal life events, such as starting a career, getting married, his lovers and so on).

More recently, the selection of animals had evolved to include hybrids that did not exist in reality, including those blended with mythical creatures (e.g. There is an important distinction between Each member of the community felt they had something that made them different and ill-fitting in mainstream society, such as Asperger’s syndrome or a facial tic.Since this statement the Furry Raiders have begun to cancel some of the unused rooms in their reservation and have stated that they will continue to do so for unused rooms.RMFC would like to apologize to the Furry Raiders for any confusion or antagonism this statement might have caused.after searching online for information about foxes to support his beliefs as an Otherkin Therian, and then stumbling across the VCL gallery. He rejoined the group at Anthrocon 2013, and has been highly active in the community ever since as a major contributor, helping to unify the local furs around Pittsburgh and Erie, PA helping to form the West PA Fur Group.He strongly believes he is a fox inside and has admitted at times to acting like one. is active with the KISS Morning Freak Show DJs on their morning stream helping to promote the local furry group and participate in events.

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