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For me this is the equivalent of the plateau zone right before orgasm. I love to work up to that place where my submissive is just occasionally wondering if they can take/do much more, then I’ll back off of it slowly, providing what’s essentially a pause (though activity doesn’t stop, it’s less intense and demanding), then I lean back into that edgy amber zone again. In between the more intense times, I might lean in and whisper in their ears, gently stroke the areas of their skin that I’ve been hard on, tell them I love them, ask how they are, etc.

When I was new, I heard this refered to “refilling the spank bank”.

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And finally, being into sadomasochism doesn’t mean you have to be into dominance and submission.

The acronym “BDSM” represents bondage, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism.

Prepare the space: The surroundings can have a powerful influence on the scene. If you’re playing with a partner you’re already close with, you’ll probably find this comes pretty easily.Commands may get fiercer, activities are edgier and sensation may be more intense.In other words, I can be meaner, hit harder, push farther. The Amber Zone: Which is my favorite place to play.“I’m done” or anything else that works as a safe word for you and your partner(s).Resolution: Again, the analogy with sexual response loosely applies.

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