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My last email I suggested they give me the name of someone in autority and got no response We flew from Philadelphia to Garden City on January 25th.

After its merger with US Airways in 2013 it now trades on NASDAQ: AAL.

Re: Flt #1904 from Tampa, FL to Charlotte NC.. Flight was delayed arriving at TPA due to "weight and balance issues" at its departure location. (the layover to make the connecting flight from CLT to LGA was 45 minutes) Therefore if things went on schedule,, it would be virtually impossible to make the connection without intervention by AA.

During the delayed flight to Charlotte, I asked the flight attendant if she would ask the pilot to request through the company, to hold Flt #682 at the gate for apprx 15 minutes to allow for the connection that myself and 7 others on the plane were going to try to make in Charlotte. She then proceeded to go back and chat with the other Flt attendants for 5-10 minutes.

It officially became American Airlines in 1934 and moved headquarters to Texas in 1979. Social presence may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

To whom it concerns: On Monday May 19 I had a connecting flight from Savannah to Wichita flight 1251 the Monday flight was canceled and I was rebooked on flight 1251 Feb.

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