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Bite the bullet and get it fixed....thats my advice....*blush* my experience.Joffaboy Reply author: mouce Replied on: PM Message: ^^^I can see that an engine drive belt letting go with the engine running at close to 2000rpm (cruising at 110kph) would cause a fair bit of damage.i went to the wreckers and bought a new cap..even the new one keeps turning. Reply author: johnny cade Replied on: AM Message: alrighty.So im wondering if the thread on the reservour is farked! Reply author: mouce Replied on: PM Message: There isn't a thread as such, there are little lugs that it should clip into. im guessing that just to **** me up the wall that there is no real way to test those lugs..the only thing i can do is buy a new resavour and hope just HOPE that was what the problem was?Reply author: lolo Replied on: PM Message: well a mechanic with 30 yrs experience did it for me and explained something along the lines of transmission fluid having a higher density than power steering fluid (which is normally what you have in a power steering rack) therefor being heavier and increasing the pressure in the rack and slightly (very very very very slightly id say) expanding it which in turn make the very very very very slightly loose seals be not so loose anymore and preventing the fluid from leaking visibly.It might still leak as a mist when under extreme pressure which is usually associated with cars that have a lower centre of gravity ie; lowered cars.

I have a power stearing leak but i cant find any missing fluid. ive put white cardboard under the car and there is NOTHING dripping out! Also, because of the immense pressure that it would be coming out at, it could be coming out as such a fine mist that you won't see it even if you go looking for it.

cause mine just keeps turning and turning and turning so on and so forth. The cap is meant to click into place after about half a turn.

And for your interest, i wasnt standing next to it. Reply author: mouce Replied on: PM Message: You were 38m away and it still got you?!?!? I wouldn't call it a tight fit, but it's not meant to keep turning. Reply author: johnny cade Replied on: PM Message: yeah i thought so.

Subject: Power Steering Leak, Can I use a No Leak Fluid?

Posted on: PM Message: Hey all my power steering fluid keep leaking and yeah I know i should go down to the mechanics and get it fixed, but im just passing time till my new car arrives, so am I able to put some kind of "No more leaks! Reply author: mouce Replied on: PM Message: Where does it leak from?

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