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This allows you to see every member of your video chat in real-time as you visit.

Creating an account with House Party is relatively simple.

However, we see the potential so talk to your teen extensively about your rules for using this app if you do allow them use it and we suggest checking in on occasion to make sure that the app is being used like you discussed.

One of the greatest features of the app is its simple, clean interface.

As soon as your friends respond, your video chat is ready to begin.

The real-time accessibility of this app allows friends’ to enjoy each others’ company as though they were all in the same room. When creating “rooms” for video chats, you are given specific control to pick who exactly you wish to chat with. Although you may receive requests to chat from anyone, you are free to ignore these requests and stay silent.

With its easy accessibility and fun, casual, atmosphere, House Party seems like the perfect way for anyone, especially teens, to connect with their friends.

As parents, it’s important to keep a few key aspects in mind before your teen gets this “party” started.

Unlike the limited chatting capability of Skype or Facebook Live, House Party allows users to simultaneously chat with up to 8 separate friends.When video chatting, be sure you and your teen remember to switch the privacy filters on. However, as an extra privacy feature, House Party gives a “stranger danger” warning if an uninvited user sneaks into the chat.This warning shows that someone’s mutual friend has decided to enter the chat room.These rooms come with filters to block out anyone not explicitly invited. This app is a two-way street; no video chat can begin without agreement from both users.Currently, no privacy leaks or scandals have been traced back to this app.

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