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Learn more about web search with Microsoft Cognitive Services.

The Vision APIs bring advanced image and video understanding skills to your bots.

The interaction between users and bots is mostly free-form, so bots need to understand language naturally and contextually.

The Cognitive Service Language APIs provide powerful language models to determine what users want, to identify concepts and entities in a given sentence, and ultimately to allow your bots to respond with the appropriate action.

With a few lines of code, you can access billions of webpages, images, videos, news, and other result types.

You can configure the APIs to return results by geographical location, market, or language for better relevance.

For applications that require further customization, you can use the Custom Recognition Intelligent Service (CRIS).

This allows you to calibrate the language and acoustic models of the speech recognizer by tailoring it to the vocabulary of the application, or even to the speaking style of your users.

Learn more about knowledge extraction with Microsoft Cognitive Services.I didn’t care much for any of that until someone told me my face looked chubby when I wore pigtails to school. Since that day at 15, those feelings have never left. My freshman year of college, I counted calories judiciously and ate not much more than a lot of white rice and steamed vegetables in the dining hall.Suddenly, what was being sold to me in those pages seemed relevant. In some ways, I’ve been on a diet—or miserably failing at one—for 18 years. Two years later I joined Weight Watchers and counted points during the summer I interned in New York City, arriving for my weekly weigh-ins sweaty and exhausted after having transferred train lines at rush hour. I’m in my 30s now and have evolved, for the most part, past that constant worry of being culturally skinny.The APIs integrate into most modern languages and platforms.The APIs are also constantly improving, learning, and getting smarter, so experiences are always up to date.

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