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Please check with your local clinical commissioning group (CCG) for details.If you wish to make a complaint about your NHS 111 services, please follow the NHS complaints procedure.In 2018 these online services will become increasingly available in areas across England.You'll be able to use them to: If you have difficulties communicating or hearing, you can use the NHS 111 service through a textphone by calling 18001 111.If you're worried about an urgent medical concern, call 111 and speak to a fully trained adviser.For less urgent health needs, contact your GP or local pharmacist.Calls are connected to the Text Direct system and the textphone will display messages to tell you what's happening.A typetalk relay assistant will automatically join the call.

You can feel free to share as much or as little as you like with us. You can take comfort in knowing that RAINN’s Online Hotline support specialists are trained to meet the unique needs of survivors.

They'll talk back what you've typed to the NHS 111 adviser and, in return, type back the adviser's conversation so you can read it on your textphone's display or computer.

Your feedback is vital in helping the NHS 111 service improve – we want to hear your views, good or bad.

To ensure your safety, RAINN has partnered with the country's top technology and online security companies to build a hotline that is as safe and secure as current technology allows.

There are four key steps we've taken to ensure the highest level of security: As the way we use technology continues to expand, RAINN’s support services are expanding, as well.

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